Does this sound familiar?

  • Photo by Tom Clark You have had an injury or surgery that has healed but left you unsatisfied with your recovery.
  • Pain is preventing you from doing what you want.
  • You have been told there’s “nothing wrong,” yet your discomfort persists.
  • You are tired of slouching but unable to change your posture.

Let your curiosity guide you as you learn—safely and gently—how to move better and feel better!

In general, everyone can learn to change and improve regardless of age or physical condition. Feldenkrais Method® raises your awareness of how you think, feel, sense, and move, and provides you with options so you can function better physically and mentally. It does not leave you dependent on a practitioner; rather, it gives you the means to take charge of your own care and improvement.

Feldenkrais is not exercise but enhances any form of exercise or artistic endeavor as your ability to move with efficiency and ease continues to develop.

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